0.6/lkv PVC insulating PVC sheathed (fire-proof)power cable
0.6/lkv PVC insulating PVC sheathed (fire-proof)power cable

Insulating electric power cable of polyvinyl chloride

 Insulating electric power cable of polyvinyl chloride
Type, name, scope of application Specification
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  The cable longs run , the highest working temperature can't exceed 70 ℃ , does not exceed 160 ℃ while holding up in 5 seconds, The cable is not limited by the drop when being laid, environmental temperature is not lower than 0 ℃ when laying. Minimum crooked radius of the cable while laying: It is in single core cables 20( D + d), mm,multicore cable( D + d), because mm,( d respectively from cable and actual external diameter of conductor in D of 15, If the leading body is not a round, then d =1.13 √S.S take as the leading factor body marked and claims the section, unit mm2)
 Electric power cable of the insulating polyvinyl chloride sheath of polyvinyl chloride of 0.6/1kv ( fire-retardant)
Suitable type : VV、VLV、ZR-VV、ZR、VLV(1、2)  
 The polyvinyl chloride of 0.6/1kv insulates, the steel band armor polyvinyl chloride sheath( fire- retardant) electric power cable

Suitable type :


 Specified voltage 450/750V and following polyvinyl chloride insulating cables

Lay and require insulating and regularly with the performance of the electric wire:
(1) Allow working temperature for a long time:
BV-90, RV-90 type are at the time of using normally, high temperature the most of conductor is 90 ℃. Use as right to use of the cable environment can prevent from hot to mould and flow and permit and reduce insulating situation of resistance, The PVC mixture that can be used in 90 ℃ in succession , base on the premise of always shorten working timing, Its working temperature can be improved to 105 ℃. Other types should not exceed 70 ℃

(2)The temperature of laying of the electric wire is not lower than O ℃ , allow the crooked radius: The person who smallers than 25mm should not be smaller than 4D for the external diameter of the electric wire( D), the external diameter of the electric wire( D) is not smaller than 6D for 25mm and the above person.

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Structure chart of cable  
Type of cable of structure chart of the cable:VV22、VLV22 、VV23 、VLV23、 YJV、VJV22、 YJLV、YJLV22
1、Conductor. 2、Insulating barrier . 3、Other sheath. 4、Interior lining. 5、Armor layer. 6、Pack .
Note: Have armored cable lining for have and spin cloth, armored cable lining dark to lead for PVC