Physical high-foaming polyethylene insulating cable and Series solid polyethyene insulating radio frequency coaxial cable
Physical high-foaming polyethylene insulating cable and Series solid polyethyene insulating radio frequency coaxial cable

Physical Foaming Coaxial Cable

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 1.Specifications of Physical Foamed Cable

The standard of SYWV 75 series type of cable distribution systematic physical foamed PVC insulation coaxial cable sector wad fkrmulated in 1997 by the Electronics Ministry for producing physical foamed cable , the standard number:SJ/T11138-1997, our factory has also formulated its emterperprese standard following the above one.

 2.Explanation to the Product
A: Type: The names of different types of procucts are given in the light of some relativre regulations so as toreflect their main special characteristics.

B.Specifications:Following the GG11323-89 Regulations (cable distribution system-used coaxial cable shouldbe tested) and for meeting the development requirements of cable television as weii as implementing the sectors standard (SYKV longitudinsl hole olythene insulation caaxial cable), the insulation outer diameter should be 4.80mm, 9.00mm and 11.5mm separately.
C. Inner Conductor : Except for copper conductor for television cable production in foreign countries according to different line diameters and specifications . Therefore, in our production atandard , the copper-covered steel line inner conductor is added in -5, -7 cable and the copper-covered aluminumline inner conductor adder in -9, -12 cable so as to increase the products intensity and reduce cost at a prerepuisite of ensurinh quality.
D.Outer Conductor: The aluminum-magnesium alloy woven line is generally used in foreign countries .For saving copper materials and reducing cost , -5, -7, -9 cables is allowed to be woven with aluminum magnesium alloy line.
The aluminum tube is always used as outer conductor for bibsized cable in the countries of the United Statess and Japan etc. so to heighten properties of screening and fine moist-proof and mechanical protection.SO the aluminum tube outer conductor can be adopted for-9,-12 cables.
E.Insulation:The adopted physical foamed polythene has its fine hifrequency property and identity as well as fine moist-proof porperty.
F.Screening Attenuation:The property of cable screening can be reflected through screening attenuation index,which is one of the key tested indexes of CATV and it willensure the high quality reception of CATV system.
 3.Important Documents

IEC 96-2:Regulations on radio frequency cable
JIS-C-3508:CATV-used coaxial cable
JCS58A:TV signal transmission-used hi-foamed plastic insulation cohesive sheath coaxial cable(LAP);USA come/scope;T^FC Company sproducts introduction.V.Length of Delivery Good,Circumstances Conditions and Installation Explanation:
 4.Length of Delivery Goods,Circumstances Conditions and Installation Explanation

The length of deliverd of SYWV 75-5,-7 cable products should not be less than 100m,allowable length not be less than 20m and the total length should not surpass 100% of the total length of delovery goods.The length of SYWV(Y)75-9,-12 cable is usually fixe following users's desired length,the difference should not be over ±0.5%.Circumstances condtions:generally-40--+70℃(PE sheath)m-25℃--+70℃(PVC sheath),relative moisture capacity is 90%--95% when being 49±2℃.The winding radius indoor should not be less than 12 fold of the outdoor,and the wondong radius should not be less than 30 fold of cable's outer diameter when the outer conductor is made of aluminum belt.The product should be taken up or put down gently when being transported, it should not be heavily pressed and twisted and should be kept dry and not be moistened.

 5.Technical Parameter of the Product

  The product is mainly used in 1GHZ close circuit television system.common-used antenna television system and used as branch line of cable television system and users's line as well as other electronics devixial cable.To see technical parameter in attached chart:
Model SYWLY-75 physics high to foam the insulating cable of polyethylene
SYWV( Y) - 75 type physics high to foam the insulating cable of polyethylene
SYWY( Y) - 75 type bearing type cable by oneself
SYWV-75-5+HYV2×2×1/0.5S makes up the cable of the network
SYV-50 series real core polyethylene insulating radio frequency coaxial cable
SYV-75, -100 series real core polyethylene insulating radio frequency coaxial cables